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he following ideas represent the basic principles that Louis-Michel Liger-Belair, vigneron, applies to the care of his vineyards, and the production of his wines;

The quality of the wine lies in the vineyard (95 percent of the work is in the vines, 5 percent in the winery);

All vines and all wines deserve the same care, from village appellation to grand cru. From a qualitative point of view, it is without doubt more important to reduce yields in the most modest appellations than in the more prestigious appellations;

The vine is a living entity. It should not be, nor should the grapes it carries be subjected to that which we ourselves would not tolerate ;

In the winery and in the cellar, the less one does, the better one does ;

One should not seek to overextract the grapes. All that does not come naturally (tannins, color) cannot be durably ‘ fixed’ in the wines and will therefore not be stable in the long term once in bottle.
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